May 2013 Golems at ICRA 2013!

The International Confernece on Humanoid Robotics was a fantastic event! Meeting many colleagues, presenting our results and overall catching up with the community. With huge thanks to Ruediger Dillmann and Tamim Asfour - here we are hanging out after the conference.

Lab members, Can Erdogan, Martin Levihn and Jon Scholz did a fantastic job presenting our latest results on MacGyver Robot Planning and hierarchical/stochastic NAMO planning for uncertain environments:

  • Can Erdogan and Mike Stilman Planning in Constraint Space: Automated Design of Functional Structures IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Robotics and Automation. 2013.

  • Kyel Ok, Sameer Ansari, Billy Gallagher, William Sica, Frank Dellaert, and Mike Stilman Path Planning with Uncertainty: Voronoi Uncertainty Fields IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Robotics and Automation. 2013.

  • I (Mike) had a great opportunity to spend time with my friends and colleagues. Here are some pics with Tamim Asfour, our wonderful Program Chair for Humanoids 2013 and all our awesome friends at Schunk.

    To top it all off, I chaired a session on multi-agent motion planning which was attended by both Ruzena Bajcsy and Vladimir Lumelski! There was excellent interaction with the speakers! One of the best sessions ever. Some more photos with my heroes, Lumelski and Martin Haegele (testing out the 'safety' of his new arms) :0}

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